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$n@¢K/t!m£ is a series of images exploring consent, consumer culture, entitlement, and women’s rights. The images in the series draw from social media, art history, and digital culture by combining classical sculpture, tech iconography, digital or manufactured analog glitches, with crowdsourced conversations from dating apps and direct messages (DM).

The slang expression “snack” is gender inclusive and is a description used for someone who is considered good enough to eat. The selected sculptural figures, glitch overlays, and DM subtexts invite us to concentrate on who, and how, we interact with and define beautiful objects.

The work also gives emotion and agency of the eternally silent figures through color, shape, and type. The artwork referenced within each piece questions our collective selective memories, reforming relationships with narratives that have informed centuries of visual culture and gender roles.

Each image is mounted to a frameless reflective surface to mimic mobile and tablet touch screens that have been stripped of their interactive capabilities.

24in x 26in

Digital Print on Acrylic

Series of 8

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