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The course created a series of collaborative elementary-middle schools school self-portrait workshops and content where students learn to embrace the beauty in their differences through self-portrait, game play, storytelling, and learning about artists from diverse and/or underrepresented communities (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Women). Digital media, Design and Fine Art were used as a therapeutic mechanism for expression, conversation and change. The outcome of the year long course will be released in free online workshops for educators, parents, and others.

Course Outcomes

Indenti-ME, Self Portrait Workshop

Identi-Me is a Self Portrait Workshop designed for K-12 students, educator and parents. Using worksheets and a downloadable sticker packet, users create Mini-ME versions of themselves- expressing their unique selves, identity, and creativity!

The goal of Identi-ME is to provide students with examples and a definition of identity through the instructional video and activity. Use the discussion questions on the provided lesson plan to guide and reinforce the message of the activity.


The diversiTINY team helped research, create and implement content promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in educational and home environments as well as resources and content to establish the brand.

Educational DEIA Resource guides:

Disability Awareness Month

Women’s History Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Black History Month


Leveling Up Diversity, Interactive Museum Adventure Game

Every Hue of Human, Web Comic Series

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