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experimental motion / animated work in progress

textpop is an experimental animation in progress exploring visible language and meaning. The piece combines language stored in mobile phones- texts, direct messages, notes, & lists- combined with motion media which changes at the rate of the average contemporary attention span- every 3-8 seconds. 


Borrowing from text language, social media, and 21st-century slang, the work invites us to experience text as a material. It allows the viewer to concentrate on how we construct information in the brain and orient & adapt to our environment. Technology drives language evolution. Textiquette and Autocorrect. How much information can be read and retained, versus how information is directed and delivered? We fill in the gaps so that/until everything and nothing makes sense

Through this project, I'm investigating how digital animation and motion design can share /deviate from experimental practices like direct-to-film animation.  Created without storyboarding or previsualization, each phrase, word or scene is completed straight ahead, without interstitial edits adopting a traditional film workflow in a digital environment. 

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