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MGFX Bucks: A Unique Educational Tool in Motion Design and Animation

Gamified Course Materials & Alternative Learning Aid

Created with commitment to providing innovative and engaging learning experiences, MGFX Bucks were introduced into intermediate a& advanced classes—a pioneering educational approach designed to enrich our motion design and animation curriculum.

MGFX Bucks are custom-designed, toy paper currency inspired by classic board games like Monopoly. These bucks are more than just play money; each bill features a key figure from the worlds of art, animation, design, or filmmaking. The purpose is to combine and enhance presentation skills, pitching ideas wth clarity, financial literacy with a deep dive into the history and influence of the industry's pioneers.

During our interactive mock crowdsourcing exercises, students use MGFX Bucks to "fund" projects, simulating real-world budget management and investment decisions. This hands-on approach not only boosts understanding of project financing but also embeds a richer appreciation of the artistic and technical contributions of notable professionals. Each buck includes a brief description of the featured artist's significance and contributions, turning every transaction into a learning opportunity, offering students a dynamic way to connect with the historical context of their field, encouraging them to think critically about the value of creative work. Join us in this creative journey as we explore the fundamentals of motion design and animation through a uniquely engaging educational tool.

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