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Animation, 2:00 minutes & 16 Inkjet Prints


Everything Is Going So Well is a 2-minute animation and print series of 16 images. This experimental project explores interpretations of meaning versus message through illustrated responses to innocuous questions and casual conversation starters such as “How are you?” or “How is it going?” These responses are sourced from individuals grappling with mental health challenges and other non-visible disabilities.

In a poignant and visually arresting manner, the series utilizes pills, candies, antidepressants, pain medications, and other objects associated with treatment to craft these illustrated responses. This artistic choice not only highlights the often-overlooked struggles faced by these individuals but also serves as a powerful commentary on the intersection of everyday dialogue and the profound inner battles waged by those with mental health issues.

By transforming common items of treatment into mediums of expression, Everything Is Going So Well invites viewers to reconsider the superficiality of casual exchanges and recognize the deeper, often hidden, realities that lie beneath. This project aims to foster empathy and awareness, bridging the gap between perception and reality in the context of mental health and non-visible disabilities.


2025 Digital Media & Design Faculty Exhibition, The William Benton Museum of Art, Storrs, CT (Forthcoming 1/2025). Invited Exhibition. 


Intellectual Merit

"Everything Is Going So Well" stands out for its innovative approach to exploring meaning and message. Through the unique medium of illustrated responses using pills, candies, antidepressants, and other treatment objects, the project combines animation and print to offer a multifaceted perspective on cognitive processing, mental health and disabilities. This work pushes the boundaries of traditional animation, photography, and printmaking, creating a compelling narrative that merges visual art with psychological exploration. By addressing the often-hidden struggles of individuals in a visually engaging and thought-provoking manner, the project contributes significantly to the discourse on mental health in contemporary culture and art.


The impact of "Everything Is Going So Well" is multifaceted, aiming to raise awareness and foster empathy for those dealing with mental health challenges and non-visible disabilities. The project's poignant portrayal of casual conversations reveals the underlying struggles of the individuals involved, encouraging viewers to reconsider their perceptions and interactions. By visually representing these internal battles through familiar objects of treatment, the project makes a powerful statement on the pervasive yet often invisible nature of mental health issues.

It is currently under review at exhibition venues, with more planned for 2024-2026. Forthcoming exhibitions include the UConn Digital Media and Design Faculty Show at the William Benton Museum of Art in October 2024. The series has the potential to reach a broad audience, both through its exhibition in art/design spaces and its digital dissemination. Its innovative approach and emotional depth make it a compelling piece for discussions around mental health, potentially influencing public perceptions and contributing to greater societal understanding and acceptance. Through its artistic merit and impactful message, "Everything Is Going So Well" serves as an important catalyst for conversation and change in how we view and address mental health and non-visible disabilities.

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